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  DTN Weekly Average DDG Price Continues Higher
  Trump: Fast Ginsburg Replacement 09/20 12:14
  Law & Order vs. Health Care in Suburbs 09/20 12:23
  Iran Dismisses US Efforts for Sanctions09/20 12:09
  AZ Sen. Race Could Impact Justice Conf.09/20 12:18
  Envelope Sent to WH Contained Ricin 09/20 12:22
  Wildfires, Hurricanes Disrupt Census 09/20 12:12
  100,000 March in Belarus Protest 09/20 12:16
  US Stocks Fall; Market Down 3rd Week 09/18 16:07
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@C0Z 378'0 -0'4
@S0X 1042'6 -0'6
@W0Z 576'0 1'0
@O0Z 287'0 3'6
MSFT 200.390000 - 2.520000
WMT 135.290000
XOM 37.190000

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